Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who said boxes aren't fun

Beauty and the Beast came out today, and we got it!!! Jayden has been dying for this movie to come out, okay I've been dying for this movie to come out, and we watched it ASAP. It's amazing how your movies prefrences change once you have kids. You can't watch what you really want to watch while their awake and by the time they fall asleep, your too tired to watch what you really wanted to watch. So we have grown to love Disney movies!

We got a big box today, with two boxes of diapers inside(thank you grandma and grandpa,) and the girls had a blast with the box! Mostly Jayden, but Sophia was in there with Jayden, so she had a good time too. I really don't know why I've spent so much money these past four years on toys, when all these kids really want are boxes, paper, string and a bunch of other silly stuff that costs nothing. I'm revising their Christmas lists immediately!

We also had Jayden's open house tonight, which was neat to go and see the classroom, after the kids have settled in, and see all the cool little projects they've been doing. It was fun having Jayden show us around her own little space that we knew very little about and she knew everything about :)
Tomorrow we head to Indy for a developmental pediatrician appointment for Sophia, the first of two trips we have to make this week. But on a positive note I found out today that 70, by I465, will not be closed except for Thursday, which we do not have an appointment up there on that day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Now I will leave you with another fact about raising a kiddo with Down syndrome: In almost every community of the United States there are parent support groups and other community organizations directly involved in providing services to families of individuals with Down syndrome. Raising a child with Down syndrome is not something that you have to go through alone. We have amazing family and friends who have accepted Sophia from the moment we got the possible diagnosis and we are very blessed for that. But for those people who may not have the best family support system there are lots of online support groups to help new parents dealing with a new way of life in the world of raising a child with special needs too. I've been a part of an online support group since our first Buddy Walk last year, after meeting a mom there and her telling me about this wonderful and knowledgable group of women who chat and post online about daily joys, brags and struggles of every day life. I've also been blessed to come into contact with a group of local families here in the Terre Haute area who have recently offically formed a local playgroup for individuals with Down syndrome and their families called Wabash Valley S.T.A.R.S (striving toward acceptance, respect and support.) We meet once a month and let our kiddos play and sometimes get a chance to talk about life :) We recently had a fundraiser to raise money for the Buddy Walk in support of Down Syndrome Indiana from our local playgroup and we raised $1,000 in a total of 6 hours! We are so very blessed to have so many different people in our lives that love and support us and that we can relate to and connect with!

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