Thursday, September 22, 2011

Silly Hair Day

Today was Silly Hair Day at preschool and Jayden and I SOOOO wanted to do a mohawk with her hair, but it just didn't work out :(  So we did this instead.......

Of course I could have just sent her with her hair looking like it normally does, which is pretty darn wild, crazy and silly!

Just a few reminders, the 2011 Buddy Walk is quickly approaching, almost two weeks away!  If you haven't donated yet and would like to, just go to the link on the top right of our blog page and it will take you directly to Sophia's Buddy Walk fundraising page!  All donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated!  Also, October is Down syndrome awareness month, and like last year, I plan on blogging all 31 days of October!  I am really excited about this challenge and have been getting myself prepared to give you something worth reading during the month of October!  More to come, so stay tuned!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dave the Dog

FINALLY, the day Jayden has been waiting for.....she was line leader at school, which means she got to bring Dave home!!!!!!  Jayden's teacher has 4 different animals to choose from and when you are line leader for the day.  You get to pick an animal to bring home with you for the day and night and then record what you did with your pet in a "Critter Book" and return the pet back to the classroom the next day.  Well not only was today Jayden's day, but it's Thursday as well, which means Jayden gets to keep Dave ALL weekend!!!!!  She was SO EXCITED when I went to pick her up from school today and could hardly contain herself until she got in the car.  She has literally kept Dave close by all day and he is currently snuggled up in bed with her.  She is a total pet lover, but even more so, a complete dog lover!  All day it's been "Dave this..." and "Dave that..." and lets just say that Randy is already about to kick old Dave to the curb.  (that's our Randy for ya!)  But other than Randy, we are excited to have Dave with us this weekend and he is in for some crazy fun :) 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Johnny Knoxville? Who would have thought....

Johnny Knoxville a part of the pledge to, Spread The Word To End The Word???  I never would have thought......Check it out HERE  :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Phone Dump

I was looking at my phone and noticed that I had a lot of pictures on there that I had done nothing here they are, dumping all my phone pics into a post :)  ENJOY!
Sophia still thinks she needs to climb into everything, and oddly enough, she usually fits in just about everything!  My tiny peanut :)
On a hike at McCormicks Creek this summer. 
Sophia :)
At the Terre Haute Children's Museum.  Sophia LOVES to play secretary!  Don't mess with this girls keyboard or her phone!
Water play at the museum.  Her second favorite thing there besides the computer/phone :)
At the Children's Museum
At the park, in a tunnel, being silly :)
At the Down Syndrome Indiana Fly In.  Check out her awesome tattoo on her arm!
At Bogeys.  Randy's union had their family picnic there and these two went racing.
McDonalds.  Where else?
NOT eating :)
At the Indianapolis Indians game last weekend
Just to clarify, yes we all look like H*LL!  We went to the ribfest earlier that day, in 100 degree temps and then went to the baseball game that evening!  We were hot, sick, tired and looked like crap, but in the end we all had fun :)
At the game.
She's a fan!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am a horrible blogger.  I have become a slacker when it comes to writing posts AND taking pictures.  I will try to do better.  So here are some random pictures of the girls, and a few of me, from the past few weeks.

Jayden got a gator from her cousin this past weekend and she really likes it.  But Sophia, she LOVES it!!!  Thank you Jake for the awesome gift! (And Shelby, well she doesn't know what the hell to think of it!)
You gotta love Sophia's new hat!

this has to be what an angel looks like :)

Mommy and Sophia (taken by Jayden)

My beautiful big girl!
she asked, "isn't this cute Mommy?"  Yes it is :)
I'm thinking this could be her mug shot???  (under arrest for not being cooperative during therapies)
Sophia and Mommy (again taken by Jayden) - the girl of many talents!
another gamer?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda

"The Stodden family honors Leah, a member of their family who has Down syndrome and inspires them with her passion for life and laughter."  Click HERE to to watch their amazing story!  LOVE THIS!!!!!