Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two kids or Three?

Our weekend started off very tough and we were tired to the bone when we got back home on Friday night, but we made it through a rough day and the weekend only got better. Of course we had a to do list a mile long on Saturday, after being gone for a day and a half, but I tackled the laundry, load by load, a got my to do list shorter and shorter by lunch time and it was time for some fun after that. We raked leaves, so the girls and the dog could play in them. Ran a few errands and then headed out to Pumpkin Works for a little fall fun. We took Jayden a few years ago, but she enjoyed it 100 times more this year. We attempted to take pictures in those things where you stick your head through a hole and you look like a ghost or whatever. Of course this didn't turn out so well. Trying to get our girls to take a decent picture, at the same time, is almost impossible. We checked out the massive pumpkins and Jayden played in the area set up for little ones and had a blast. Next we went on a horse and buggy ride and had so much fun. Jayden was so excited and talked the man's ear off that was stearing the horses. At one point she looked at me and said that she wished she had brought her cowboy hat and boots :) Then the horses took off pretty fast, and Jayden's eyes got so big as she said in a loud voice, "Daddy hold on to me!" Jayden even snagged two balloon animals, a dog and a dinosaur, or that's what the clown said they were, and of course both fell apart after 5 minutes. The first mishap of the dog ballon was blamed on Sophia and the dinosaur was blamed on Randy. But some chocolate covered peanuts perked her right up again and we headed home to grill out and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Today was pretty easy going with a few more chores to finish up and a trip to the grocery store and then just some down time playing around home and a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. Jayden had her list of things we needed to find and once we got home it was torn about 3 different times from when Sophia had snatched the paper away from Jayden and tore it and Jayden preceeded to scream "SOPHIA!" for the whole neighborhood to hear. Oh the love of sister :)
I'm starting to wonder if it's normal how many times Jayden and Randy piss each other off on a daily basis. I swear you'd think they were siblings instead of father and daughter the way they each push each other's buttons. Randy knows just what to do to get Jayden all worked up and loves to see her get SO mad. Then Jayden throws a fit and within seconds is on the attack to get him back. This goes on and on and on and of course I'm stuck being the ref between the two. Until of course they BOTH turn on me and start making me the target and then they both think that's hilarious.

Well we are 6 days away from our team, Sophia's Stars, 2nd annual Buddy Walk! We can't wait! I hope we have some more awesome weather ahead of us like this weekend, but if we can be free of rain, anything will work :) Another fact to leave on: Adults with Down syndrome are employable. In fact, according to the Nationa Down syndrome Society, businesses are seeking young adults with Down syndrome for a variety of positions. They are being employed in small, and medium, sized offices: by banks, corporations, nursing homes, hotels and restaurants. They work in the music and entertainment industry, in clerical positions, childcare, the sports field and in the computer industry. People with Down syndrome bring to their jobs enthusiasm, reliability and dedication.

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