Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Festivities: Take Two

We went to the Fall Festivial at the Fairgrounds this afternoon and had a good time. We got to go on a hayride, then go through the petting zoo and ended with a maze and a 3 nice pumpkins to take home with us. Jayden loved the animals, but was a little shy to go and pet them. She loved the donkey, which reminded us of Donkey from Shrek :) but her favorite was the pot bellied pig! She was down there snorting with it like they were old friends :)
I started my Christmas shopping today and I feel great about it! I hope to be done with all the kiddos tomorrow, who are the important ones :) and then finish the rest up later. Now I have to figure out where to hid everything, because our closet didn't work so well last year. We really have no good hiding spots in our house though?????
We are ending our night passing out candy to trick or treaters. Jayden dressed up and has been helping pass out the candy. She gets all excited at first, but then when we get someone at the door and she goes to pass out the candy, she almost freezes and doesn't know what to do :) She will never be an actor or anything involving being in a spotlight, because she can't take heat! She's so funny though :) Can't wait to take the girls out tomorrow! I'm interested to see how Jayden will do going up to the door!?!?
Are you sick of my facts yet??? Here's one of two more: While people with Down syndrome may not have a "personality type," they often share certain behaviors or coping mechanisms. For example, many people with Down syndrome prefer routine, order and sameness which is their way of dealing with the complexities of everyday life. This preferences for routine can sometimes be seen as stubborness. Anotehr behavior often seen in people with Down syndrome is "self-talk." Self-talk is the act of talking aloud to oneself and it is thought that people with Down syndrome use self-talk as a way of processing information and thinking things through.

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