Friday, October 29, 2010

Basketball Star?

We signed Jayden us for preschool basketball today at the Boys and Girls Club! It's only for 10 weeks, every Saturday, but I think she is going to love it! They teach them about the game the first 6 weeks and then they get to scrimmage the last 4 weeks :) She said she wanted to do it, and she likes playing in the driveway at home, so I hope it works out. It's another thing that she can call her own and I think it will be good to be in a different environment, besides school, with kids close to her age.
Down syndrome fact: Day 29 - Approximately half of all kids with Down syndrome also have problems with hearing and vision. Hearing loss can be due to differences in the structure of the inner ear bones or due to ear infections. Vision problems include crossed-eyes, lazy eye, near and farsightedness, and an increased risk of cataracts. Regular evaluations by an audiologist and an opthalmologist are necessary to detect and correct any problems before they affect language and learning skills. Treatments are typically glasses and hearing aids. So far we haven't had any problems with Sophia with either, vision or hearing. We do get regular check-ups and are due to go back for a hearing exam next Friday and we don't have to go back to the opthalmologist till next May.

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