Monday, October 25, 2010

Help us Spiderman

It has begun, the bugs are coming inside! We found a HUGE spider yesterday just chillin under Jayden's art easel in the kitchen! I absolutely hate bugs of any kind, especially when they come into my house. Lucky for us we have our very own Spiderman to protect us from all the evil insects that try to invade our living quarters.
I can't believe Halloween is approaching in less than a week and I am so excited to get the girls dressed up and actually go out around the neighborhood and snag some candy, for Jayden of course :) She has a Halloween parade at school on Thursday, and I can just see her now getting all dressed up in her costume and strutting her stuff, because I know that she's going to think she is hot stuff in her new spiderman costume, with muscles! I'm just excited that she's excited about it this year.
This is also the last week of the month and I have almost successfully posted every day for the whole month of October to bring awareness about Down syndrome. I hope that by posting the information that I have, that anyone who reads this blog has benefited in a positive way. My number one goal by doing this was to educate not only myself more, but to educate our closest family and friends, who will be a part of Sophia's life forever. And second, I hope that if any of you ever come acroos some one else who is either struggling with a prenatal diagnosis, or has a new baby and unexpectantly gets a diagnosis at birth, that maybe you can shed some light into their life and give them positive feedback about something that really isn't the end of the world. Life is full of twists and turns and unexpectedness, but I have found in the past 17 months that this journey I have been blessed to go on, has honestly made me a better and stronger person. I understand that everyone really is more alike than different. I'm seeing that life is so much more beautiful if you really take the time to stop and take it all in. With that said, the human race needs people with Down syndrome. We need them to be our teachers, to influence our souls and bring our humanity to greater heights. We need their unconditional love. We need their helplessness to inspire us to greater brotherly love and services, to better ourselves as people. We need them to inspire us by their perseverance, their stubbornness in doing even the simplest tak that we may take for granted.

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