Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Tuesday

I am almost at a loss for words tonight. This week has already been so much more calm than last week and not a lot going on in our little world. Jayden had preschool this morning, and got to show off her name writting skills, but for some reason just wrote random letters of her name at the top of her paper, not in the correct order for the most part. We'll definitly continue to work on writing, now that she is able to trace better and make some of the letters on her own. While Jayden was at preschool, Sophia's nurse came and that left me with about 1 1/2 hours all to myself! It's a nice relief, but it's hard to get myself into the mode of enjoying my time alone, and just when I do, I have to go back to the babes. Jayden and I got lunch together after school, since the nurse was home with Sophia, and of course Jayden didn't like the place I picked and through a tantrum to ruin the 1 hour of alone time we had to spend together. She said she was going to refuse to eat and just wanted to go home. Well she ate, chips and cookies, and then while she was acting silly and not listening, she dumped her chips and lemonade on the floor, and I decided I was done. She couldn't understand why I was a little upset and wouldn't let her watch her movie, but whatever, I'm used to talking into thin air where no one pays a bit of attention to what I'm saying, until someone ends up getting hurt :) Anyway, Soph had physical therapy and was a complete crazy baby. I swear the nurse pushed Mt. Dew through her feeding tube before I got home because she was jacked up on something! Jayden is fighting this nap thing, every day, and I'm just not ready to let her out of it yet. Nap time and bedtime are the only two parts of my day that give me a little sanity and I need that!!! And both are becoming more and more challenging and I'm not sure what I'm going to have to do to nip this thing in the bud??? Anyway, after nap we dragged around for a while and then decided to play for a bit, eat supper and play on our baby playset on the deck. Of course Jayden took over most of it, but Sophia enjoyed it too. It's now quiet, except for Randy's rambling in the background, and I am at peace :) I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my big brother today, who I love and admire very much! I hope you had an awesome day.

I will end with this from my resource guide for new parents from Indiana Down Syndrome Foundation: The current thinking on Down syndrome has changed, thanks to years of scientific study and advancement. As recently as 30 years ago, this diagnosis was often met with referral to an institution or other residential placement. Science had not yet recognized the full potential of a person with Down syndrome. Today, we know that a child with Down syndrome has a bright future, filled with many of the things any of us would experience, as well as some joys the rest of us may never discover. Today, the life span of a person born with Down syndrome is only slightly less than average-55years. With continuing medical advancements, that number will only continue to increase.

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