Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reese's Rainbow

When we were at the Buddy Walk on Saturday I got a pamphlet that was being handed out for Reece's Rainbow, which is a public charity which promotes the international adoption of children with Down syndrome exclusively. I've heard of this before from other moms that had a child with Down syndrome and wanted to adopt another. For the holiday season they have something called The Christmas Angel Tree Project, which is their #1 fundraiser for the year. With a gift of $35 or more, you will receive a beautiful photo ornament of your sponsored child. The donations are put into different adoption funds for differnt children, and then when a family chooses that child, the money donated into their fund is given to the family to help with the adoption costs. The average cost to adopt a child internationally is $20,000. I thought I would share this information, in case anyone wanted to donate to a pretty special charity. You don't have to adopt to make a difference! Give the "gift of a family" with your generous sponsorship donation this holiday season :) Check it out at: http://www.reecesrainbow.org/ Also, in the search box if you type in Melanie/Sader you will find a little girl who is trying to be adopted by a mom, and her husband, who I am friends with on facebook. They already have a 4 year old little girl, Ragen, who was born with Down syndrome and they are looking to add to their family.

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