Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just the Facts

Apparently they are working on something and I can't upload images right now, so I promise to have some posted tomorrow :) For tonight I only have a fact to share with you, because I'm so worn out. I found this from a new website, and this is a mom's perspective on the causes of Down syndrome.

"There are a few different causes of Down syndrome. The main cause is an "error" in cell division at the time of conception. Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes equaling 46 chromosomes for new life, except in Down syndrome. Chromosome #21 from either the mother or father somehow gets "sticky" and drags an extra copy of genetic material along, causing the newly formed chromosome to contain three copies instead of two. This gives people with Down syndrome 47 chromosomes. It's why Down syndrome is also called "Trisomy 21" because the 21st chrmosome has 3 copies. There are other, rarer types called Mosaic Down syndrome and Translocation Down syndrome too. Down syndrome is not caused by anything either parent did. It just happens. It occurs at the same rate all over the world, across racial, economic, and cultural lines."


  1. I so enjoy the pics you post. Your Halloween porch photos inspired me to go buy paint and pumpkins. Robin and Luke have had a blast painting.
    I am also enjoying all the facts you are posting. I guess if I absorb even some of the info, I will be better able to help other folks understand.
    You are a wonderful blogger

  2. I'm glad you enjoy seeing my girls and reading my rambling posts :) I hope that everyone who reads my blog learns at least something about Down syndrome. I knew nothing before Sophia and was a little nervous, scared and some what uncomfortable around individuals with special needs, but I've had to educate myself and I want to educate myself because I love my daughter and I don't want people to be scared, nervous or uncomfortable around her. She's just like you and me :) It's all about acceptance and I just want the best for her and want the people who are a part of our lives to know a little more about the diagnosis. Who knows maybe one day you'll know someone who just got a diagnosis from the doctor about their baby and you will be able to help educate someone else :)