Saturday, October 16, 2010

21 For Sophia

Another mom's blog that I read did a post like this and I liked that idea, so I'm going to do it too :) It's just 21 facts about Sophia, as a person, and the 21 is for the extra 21st chromosome. So here I go :
1. Sophia LOVES to pull hair, especially Jayden's, but if she can't pull Jayden's then her own hair will do.

2. Sophia's nails grow so fast, and sharp, that when she sinks them into your flesh, and by that I mean my face, she leaves some heavy duty battle wounds behind. One of these days you may read about it in the paper, "Mom gets scratched to death by baby's finger nails."

3. To add to the list, Sophia also LOVES to bite. Her razor sharp teeth are deadly as well. I've almost lost fingers inside that mouth of hers on numerous occasions. She'll even scoot up to me when I'm standing and try to take a bite right out of my leg!

4. Sophia HATES food, of almost any kind. She hates when I try to feed her and this is usually when my fingers are most at jeopardy. But surprisingly she will eat, or at least willing put in her mouth, naturally flavored cheetos. She picks them up on her own and puts them in her mouth. Sometimes she eats them, most of the time she mushes them and spits then back out. None the less she's working on muscle tone in her mouth and we'll take that.
5. Even thought Sophia hates to eat food, she will try to eat, and has been sucessful on some occasions, paper, rocks, leaves, grass and just about anything that has no nutritional value to it.

6. Sophia can manipulate any situation to her advantage. Those crocodile tears work wonders, even on the toughest souls. When she doesn't want to work during her physical therapy. When she doesn't want to eat during her occupational therapy, or when she just wants her mama. She is a MASTER MANIPULATOR :)

7. Sophia LOVES music. She LOVES to dance, especially when you twirl her around in circles. She gets these wide eyes like you may just spin her out into nowhere, but then she realizes it's fun and wants more and more and more.

8. Sophia is very ticklish, on her feet, under her chin and especially on her belly :)

9. Sophia has a very contagious laugh. Once she starts giggling it's hard not to join her :)

10. Sophia is an observer. She would much rather watch you do something than do it herself.

11. Sophia LOVES her sissy!

12. Sophia LOVES to scoot all around on her bottom, but refuses to get on all fours.

13. Sophia LOVES to shake her head "no." I think she likes the feel of her hair moving.

14. Sophia blows rasberries ALL the time. The best is when I tell her "no" and she looks me square in the eyes and blows rasberries back at me. Almost like she is telling me to "buzz off!"

15. Sophia has a way of telling us how boring we are. She will sit, with her hands on her knees, her head tilted up and a bored, blank stare in her eyes. Sometimes we even get a little eye rolling when we're really boring her.

16. Sopha LOVES anything that lights up and plays music. Her most favorite toy, since last christmas, has been a hand held toy that plays classical music and lights up when you push a button. It cost $10 and was a GREAT investment! Thank you Uncle Rhett!

17. Sophia does this gasping thing randomly. She sounds like she can't catch her breath, but I think she just likes the sound and feel the noise makes.

18. Sophia has the most amazing blonde hair and blue eyes. The cutest little chubby hands and the most contagious smile :)
19. Sophia is the only one who loves it when Shelby dog gives her kisses. YUCK!

20. Now that Sophia is on the move, she is a very curious baby indeed. She will get into anything and everything that her little botton can scoot to and her chubby little hands to grab a hold of!
21. Most of all Sophia is just who she was meant to be and we LOVE every last CHROMOSOME!

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