Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our to do

a little bit of crazy you haven't see in a while.

she may look innocent here, but trust me, she's not!

This is going to be a very busy week, on top of our already crazy weeks that we usually have :) Tomorrow Jayden is getting her first cavity filled :( and she is very upset that she will not be able to eat breakfast in the morning. No food or drinks after midnight. We have to report to the dentist office at 8:50am and hopefully be home by around 10am. I hope the sedative that they are giving her mellows her out A LOT so there will be no major drama come filling time. We also have Soph's occupational therapist coming tomorrow and Randy is finally returning to work! HURRAY!!!!! Tuesday Jayden has preschool AND is Star Student of the Week! We are sending some pictures of the family and of some of her likes so that her classmates and teachers can learn a little more about her. Then Soph will have her physical therapy, which could be fine or it could be an hour of struggling with a stubborn kid, we'll see? Then Jayden has an open house Tuesday night at preschool, which will be fun to go and see her "special space." Wednesday we head up to Indy for a developmental pedatrician appointment and Thursday is another day of therapy and preschool. And to end the week we get to go back up to Indy, this is so not normal to have to go up there twice in one week BUT, we have to see Soph's cardiologist and meet with her speech pathologist. Both who we haven't seen in a while now. THIS will be a long day. So I am preparing myself for a long list of to do's this week, but it's nothing us girls can't handle!

From the website, here is my little Down syndrome info for the day: "All infants and people with Down syndrome have some characteristic facial features, physical features, medical problems and cognitive delays in common. The features and medical problems associated with Down syndrome vary widely. Some kids with Down syndrome need a lot of medical attention, others lead healthy lives. While there are treatments for the medical conditions sometimes faced by people with Down syndrome, there is no cure for Down syndrome." (because Down syndrome isn't a disease). "Most of the medical problems seen in individuals with Down syndrome are also seen in other people. That is, the medical problems are not specific to Down syndrome, they just occur more frequently in people with Down syndrome."

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