Friday, October 22, 2010


Sophia got stuck under the chair :)

She's looking at me, looking at her, thinking "get me the hell out of here mom!"


We had an early start to our day today because we had to go to Vincennes to have our muffler replaced on our car, which apparently looks exactly the same as it did when we took it in, go figure. Randy's the only one who notices that it's slightly crooked, because he is completely crazy about stuff like that. We then ran around passing out Buddy Walk t-shirts, in our borrowed Cadillac from the dealer. Things were going fine and we were headed back to Vincennes to meet my mom for lunch and Sophia starts coughing in the back seat, OH SHIT! that's what I'm thinking because that can only mean one thing, she's going to puke, and that she did. All down the front of her, and then I turn my head around, knowing I can't see her, and then I see the projectile spit up going all over the back of the seat, of the CADILLAC! All Jayden can say, is "Mom it stinks back here!" Great! Who gives a mom with two little kids a Cadillac to drive anyway? Well I believe I got it all cleaned up, and the smell went away, I think :) We'll find out for sure if Randy gets a call :)

Anyway, while we were out to eat, at McDonalds of course because that's the only place Jayden EVER wants to go, we met another family who has a probably 13ish year old boy with Down syndrome as well. She was admiring Sophia and her ability to put her legs in almost any position and mentioned how her son was the same way when he was little :) That low muscle tone can make you look like the best up and coming gymnast. Sophia also enjoyed her lunch of McDonalds french fries, which were extra greasy and salty, and she just couldn't get enough! Of course she only sucked all the grease out and salt off and then spit the rest either in her high chair or onto the floor, but I'm sure she got a few extra calories out of the deal :) After super my mom graced me with a nice gift and gave Jayden a bath and got her all ready for bed :) thank you mom! We are all ready for our walk tomorrow. Clothes are laid out, our wagon is decorated and just a few last minute things to pack and we will be ready to go in the morning! And I believe the rain forcast is gone!!!!! Here's to a great 2010 Buddy Walk!

A little history. Down syndrome was named after a physician named John Langdon Down. At first individuals were called "Mongoloids," but that name was eventually re-named "Down's syndrome" in honor of Dr. Down being the first one to classify the condition. In America, it became simply "Down syndrome." Today the accepted verbiage is "a person with Down syndrome." This puts the focus on the person, not the disability. Also, in 1958 Dr. Jerome Lejeune discovered that the cause of Down syndrome was an extra chromosome on the 21st pair. He called it Trisomy 21 (for 3 chromosomes on number 21 instead of 2) although that term is not as well known. Dr. Lejeune was incredibly dedicated to Down syndrome research, and to the people he was trying to help.

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