Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat

We had such a busy weekend!  Friday night Jayden had her school's fall festival that we went to, and it was fun, but didn't go like I thought it would....typical.  It was cramped and crowded.  Jayden wondered around not really knowing what she wanted to do, just taking it all in I think, but leaving us walking around in circles while I'm trying to get her to pick a game.  Then we had Sophia, who automatically turns into a runner when put in any public setting.  She wanted to roam, through the crowd of people, touching, grabbing, swiping, dumping anything in her sight.  When we snatched her up, crazy Soph came out with her signature move of dropping to the ground and going limp, causing us to man handle her dead weight.  It's quite lovely and leaves a lasting impression on people I'm sure!  But we did leave the festival with a mother load of chocolate candy that I won through a raffle. Just what we need, more sugar to keep my kids all jacked up :/

Saturday started off early with Jaydens first basketball game of the season, where she made the first basket, AND scored two more baskets after that!  She was SO proud of herself, even did a little dance after one of the baskets (wish I had that on video!) , and we were super proud of her as well!  

Jayden's biggest, and smallest, fan :) 

That's our girl, the blur dribbling the ball :)

After basketball, the girls got flu shots.  Well Sophia got a shot, Jayden got the mist, but out of the 
two, Jayden was by far the biggest baby!  There is one perk to a child with some intensive medical history, she knows her way around a hospital, doctor's office and the getting poked, prodded, and shot routine.  She's a tropper, always :)

After our busy morning, we headed home to get ready for our Halloween party with our local Down 
syndrome play group, the Wabash Valley S.T.A.R.S.  Mario and Lugi had a good time.  Sophia 
mingled with some old friends and wrestled with a few newer ones :). It was a great time with a 
wonderful turn out!  Sophia even got to ride a pony, which she enjoyed very much! 

Then we made our way back up to Indy for a fun filled night with cousins and friends for another 
Halloween bash.  Any time the girls get to spend with cousins is fantastic!  We love them so much!!! 

I'm wrapping this up now because I'm about to throw this IPAD across the room trying to get this 
post ready to publish :/. Our desktop broke the other day and blogging on this thing is no fun!  Sorry 
for any duplicate pics or weird spaces or anything else that may appear out of place or funky.  Happy Sunday!   Enjoy the rest of the pics :) 

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