Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yesterday was Sophia's yearly check up with her cardiologist, and things look, and sound, GREAT!  We will plan on seeing her again in a year, and then possibly go to 18 month or 2 year visits after that!  

I can still remember the day, almost 3 years ago exactly, when I stepped foot in that office for a check up, pre open heart surgery, thinking that I would be told that we would be able to hold off until spring to do surgery and instead getting completely blindsided that surgery needed to be done in a matter of weeks not months.  I can still remember how my heart practically dropped out of my chest that day sitting in the doctors office.  I wasn't prepared to hear that news so soon.  I was scared, terrified actually, and everything I read or saw online scared me even more.  In 6 short weeks I was going to have to hand over my tiny baby to a man and let him cut open her tiny chest and pray that he did everything right to make my baby girl all better.  And if everything didn't go alright.......I didn't know what I would do.  This surgery was so much scarier than the first two surgeries Sophia had already went through, and the thought of losing her was more than I could imagine.  

I can still remember waiting in the waiting room for hourly updates from the rounding nurse and praying with all my might that whatever she had to say to us was good news, and it was.  Sophia's surgery went "perfect.". She spent 9 days in the hospital recovering and has had a healthy heart ever since.  I think about her heart surgeon from time to time and think how wonderful it must be to hold a "broken life" in your hands and then to be the one to fix it, is amazing.  I'm fully aware that he didn't fix my baby alone, God's hands were guiding his that day, and we are forever grateful! 

Passing time, and being silly, waiting to see the doc

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