Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Developmental Peds

Sophia had her check up yesterday with her developmental pediatrician at Riley Children's Hospital, and I'm happy to report that overall her doctor was very pleased!  We talked about some possible sleep issues and decided that another sleep study in the near future would be best, BOO!  We also discussed possible aspiration and since Sophia is taking everything by mouth now, we are going to schedule another swallow study to make sure that things are going down properly.  We discussed her recent eye and ear exams and I was informed that Sophia needs to continue to have her ears tested every 6 months for the time being.  We talked about nutrition and other opportunities to sneak calcium into her diet, since she isn't a big milk fan.  We also talked about the G-tube......and how Sophia's doctor is perfectly okay with it coming out, given things go okay with her swallow study and she continues to do so well!  I was pretty surprised that she was so quickly on board with it coming out, but from what I know about how well Sophia has been doing in the feeding department, I feel confident that it's the next step.  So we will get the swallow study done first, see what the results are, and go from there :)

As much as I have loved blogging this month, I'm so glad it's almost over!  Especially since our computer is down and out at the moment :/  I love the fact that blogging has helped me to educate people about Down syndrome, and the fact that our life with Down syndrome has not "suffered" but has been brighten in so many ways.  We are all faced with challenges in life, nothing is ever supposed to just be easy.  It's those challenges that make us who we are, they make us better.  Having Sophia in my life, I can say first hand that she has never been a "burden" to our family.  She doesn't hold us back as a family, but instead pushes us forward, to be better people and to see life, not just live it.  I could never imagine my life without Sophia.  I would live every bad day that we have had over and over and over again, if it meant spending more time with my sweet pea.  She makes all the hard work and struggles and fights worth it, every. single. time.  She is my daughter.  A part of me, one of the best parts of me.  She is my inspiration, my hero. 

Thank you all for following along with me this month, I appreciate your desire to learn more about Down syndrome and about differences in general.  I hope that Sophia has changed your heart and mind just like she did mine!  Wordless Wednesday tomorrow for my last post in October!

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