Friday, October 19, 2012

Life after Birth

When you think about a child being born, you think about the fairy tale that happens after giving birth.  The parents crying tears of joy and anxiously awaiting to hold their new bundle of joy in their arms.  You think about how much that new baby will be loved by their parents and the endless hugs and kisses that he or she will receive from that moment on.  You also probably imagine the parents taking their precious baby home with them, to start this new journey of life and give their children endless possiblilites for a successful future......but that isn't always the case.

 Children with Down syndrome and other special needs are often abandoned at birth and hidden away in orphanages and mental institutions abroad. Reece's Rainbow raises money as adoption grants to help families with the high cost of adopting them and giving them the life and future they so richly deserve. The average cost for travel, etc to save one child is approx $25,000. The availability of a sizable adoption grant literally means the difference between life and death for every child. The grants offered through Reece's Rainbow are available to any family, regardless of faith,who qualifies to adopt internationally (as set by US and foreign requirements).  In only 6 years, Reece's Rainbow have found forever families for more than 800+ orphans, all with Down syndrome and other special needs.  They have disbursed more than $4 million in grant funding to save them.  Reece's Rainbow strongly believes that if every waiting child had a full grant, there would BE no waiting children!  To find out more about Reece's Rainbow, click HERE!

So what can we do to help these children find life after birth?  Of course adopting a child is huge, but not everyone is willing, or able, to adopt a child.  But you can also give money, of your own or by collecting donations, to put into a waiting child's fund, in hopes of helping another family financially who is willing and able to bring one of these precious children home.  You can also help spread the word about Reece's Rainbow and a specific child on their website who is waiting for their forever family, in hopes that maybe someone you know, who knows someone else, who knows someone who is wanting to adopt will see it and find their forever child!  And most importantly you can pray for these children.  Pray that each and every one of them find loving homes to go home to, before it's too late. 

**Taken from the Reece's Rainbow website:
Reece’s Rainbow is in the running to win a $50,000 grant from Cultivate Wines. IF we should win, (10) waiting orphans with Down syndrome in (10) different countries will each receive a $5000 grant towards the cost of their adoption. (list of children will be revealed at the end!) Money is the ONLY thing standing in the way for these children to be FOUND and to come home to loving “forever families”.  Restrictions: this contest is open only to voters over the age of 21, and you must have a Facebook account to vote. (contest rules)  The voting period is from September 19-October 31. We need EACH OF YOU to vote ONCE A DAY!  Clicke HERE to go VOTE!!!

How could anyone not want someone like this???  She is amazing and I wish that everyone could see her for what she truly is: perfectly made.


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