Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Strengths and Weaknesses

Sophia has so many things going for her, besides all that cuteness :) and when you break it all down, she really is more alike than different.  Every child has certain things that they do really well at and then they also have areas were they don't excel as much and tend to need more help and guidance in order to become the best that they can be.  And Sophia is no different.  Just because one child's weakness is another child's strength, or vise versa, doesn't make one child any better or any worse than the other.  We are all created in a unique way to bring something different to the world, and I think that's totally awesome!  So I put together some of the top strengths and weaknesses that I see in Sophia right now. 

Some of Sophia's Strengths:

1. She is very observent....aint nobody getting anything sly past this girl!
2. She is extremely curious and gets into EVERYTHING! 
3. She is very easy going; laid back; chill....for the most part.
4. She shows wide ranges of emotions.  I mean seriously, she is my daughter.  Girl can go from happy, to sad, to mad, to crazy in 60 seconds or less.
5. She has a HUGE desire for independence.  It doesn't always end up nice, neat and pretty; but girl gets the job done all. by. herself.
6. Her receptive language is amazing!  She responds/follows simple commands and directions.  Well okay, lets be real for a second.....she CAN follow directions, but sometimes she chooses not to do so, unless the words "time out" or "mommy's going to leave" come into play, then she knows this Mama means business!
7. She imitates other people well, especially her older sister....which now that I think about it, that should probably be a weakness :/
8. She is a good problem solver.  Just try to confine her to a certain area and she WILL get out of it and continue to wreck havoic of her surroundings!
9. She is a very social person.  At three years old I think it's safe to say that Sophia has never met a stranger.
10. She is definitely a lover, not a fighter.

Some of Sophia's Weaknesses:

1. Her expressive language.  I mean Girl can get her point across, that's for sure, but tapping you, pointing and yelling aren't quite the expressive language we're looking for :)
2. Her ability to stay on task and focus.....definitely needs work!
3. Her obsession to put EVERYTHING in her mouth.  Thank goodness we haven't had any super nasty experiences with this.....yet!  But one scary one that I can think of......lightbulb anyone?  Thankfully, she didn't swallow much of it and wasn't cut or hurt by it.

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