Thursday, October 4, 2012

Define Perfect

Fear, is such a powerful emotion.  When we are confronted with things that are outside our comfort zone and push us to open new doors or walk down different paths in life, fear can cause us to panic and want to just make us run right back to what we know, where we feel safe.  Fear can make us close doors to new opportunities and life changing events, all because we were too scared to take a chance. 

When I learned about Sophia's Down syndrome diagnosis, she was not even an hour old yet.  But I had seen her face and I had looked into her eyes.  I had held her in my arms and told her that I loved her and I knew that she loved me too.  I never suspected anything "different" when I saw her.  She was everything that I had hoped and dreamed for, she just decided to join our family a little earlier then expected, but other than that everything else seemed, "perfect."  When I found out shortly after birth that the doctors suspected Sophia had Down syndrome, of course I was scared.  Scared of the unknown, becasue I sure as hell didn't know anything about Down syndrome.  But like I said, I had already seen, held, touched, kissed, fell head over heels in love with my "perfect" new daughter, that what they were telling me, just didn't seem to matter. 

Now I realize that MY emotions and acceptance on what we were told, isn't always the case.  A lot of mothers and fathers and their families go through a wide range of emotions when they are told of a Down syndrome diagnosis and I get that too.  Sometimes I wonder if I had been screened and got the possible diagnosis during my pregnancy, how would my emotions have been different.  I have a feeling that I would have worried myself into a break down about all of the "what ifs?", and for that, I am glad I didn't know ahead of time.  Of course nothing would have kept me from bringing my sweet Sophia into this world, that's just not how I roll, but because I am a worrier, I think I could have let fear eat me alive. 

This video is such a powerful story about a father who was terrified to have a child that was less than "perfect."  And had it been up to him, he wouldn't have this AMAZING inspiration in his life today, that he calls his daughter.  You HAVE to take the time to watch his story!


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