Monday, October 22, 2012

Preschool Dayz

Sophia turned 3 this past June, which means that she was no longer able to receive at home therapy from First Steps, but was now old enough to begin preschool in the fall with her peers.  The months and days leading up to starting preschool were hard.  I didn't know what to expect and could only focus on the worst scenerios.  I was terrified to put Sophia into the hands of complete strangers and hope that they would take care of her the same way that I would.  It was a little different sending Sophia to preschool than it was Jayden, just because, A) she was still SO TINY and still had a lot of "baby" in her, but the hardest thing is, B) the fact that she in non-verbal.  I worry that something could happen and I may never know about it, because she can't tell me.  It's one of the hardest things, having to put so much trust in people that your barely know, with the most precious things that you have in life, your children. 

Despite my worries, the first day of school came and went and Sophia absolutely LOVES school!  I think that Sophia's teacher is great, along with her aides, and they are always trying out new things to help Sophia stay focused and on task.  She is expected to follow the routine and perform skills in the classrooms just like her peers.  Of course some days sound like they go better than others, but overall I think that she is doing great adjusting to school and I look forward to seeing her progress when I go back in to update her IEP.  We also transitioned from at home therapy to a clinic this fall, and Sophia has done a great job with that too!  We go to our local pediatric therapy clinic where Sophia receives additional occupational therapy and speech therapy, besides what she gets at school.  She is always ready and willing to go and "play" with her therapists and they both are great with her!

As if sending her to school wasn't hard, today I put her on the school bus, for the first time! 
I cried :( and Jayden was here to comfort me and tell me that everything would be ok and Sophia would be fine :)  I love that big girl of mine!  The bus pulled up in front of our house and I put Sophia on the bus, buckled her in, said goodbye, walked off and waved to her as her little head peaked out the window where she was sitting.  She never cried, but I'm sure she was thinking, "what the hell is going on here?!?! What is this thing and who are these people and why are you leaving me Mommy?"  I hope she wasn't scared.  I hope that she loves riding the bus as much as she loves going to school.  I hope she stays safe on that big, yellow bus. 


       **not the best pictures, but it was dark outside and I had to hurry and snap a picture on the bus :)


  1. Omg, you're killing me here:( I can't believe my sweet "baby" niece rides a bus!?!?!?! I would've been a mess, too. Bless your heart.

  2. When I went to buckle her in, it was still a little loose, so I asked how you were supposed to tighten it....she got up to show me but realized it was as tight as it goes. She said, she's just so little :/