Monday, October 8, 2012

Check Yo Boobies

Three years ago this past June, my whole world changed.  Not only did I get my second little piece of Heaven, I also got a diagnosis to go with her.  Down syndrome was something that I'd heard of before, but not something that I really knew much about.  Ignorance is a horrible thing.  It makes people say things and do things that are rude, inconsiderate, hurtful and down right stupid.  Which is why this month is so important to me and why I've tried for the past few years to use this month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, as a way to educate people who just don't know.  
But it's not just Down Syndrome Awareness Month, it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that is very important to my family too.  Over the past several years, two people that are so very special to us, have had to battle this horrible disease.  One of those special people lost her battle almost two years ago exactly.  The other special person in our life won her battle, and for that we are forever thankful. 
I'm not an expert on breast cancer by any means.  But our family, like so many other families, have seen how this awful disease can take a person and drag them down to almost nothing.  It literally takes your life away from you.  I saw second hand what it did to Randy's aunt Brenda and his own mother and I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on anyone.  These two women are incredible!  They are strong and couragous and powerful!  They are an inspiration to me!  When life knocks you down, you fight back.  Both of these women fought, with everything they had in them, and I think they are both amazing! 
Check out THIS SITE for more information on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what it's all about.  Find out about the different stages of breast cancer, how to detect it and how you can set up an early detection plan of your own.  Catching it early is key, and you can't leave it up to your healthcare professionals to always find it first.  You must be proactive!  So check your own boobies monthly! 
We love you Aunt Brenda!  You are forever in our heart and souls. 

Aunt Brenda and Sophia at her 1st birthday party.

Jayden, Sophia and Grandma Russell. 
We thank God every day that you were able to win your battle with cancer and continue to be the rock of this family and to be the best Grandma that you know how to be to our two girls.  We love you so very much!

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