Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reece's Rainbow

** Please don't give up on this post!  It truly is a very important one.  Not necessarily what I wrote, but what another mom, Patti, wrote.  Toward the end of this post I hope you click on the link to read what Patti wrote yesterday about a very special little boy, who desperately needs a family to call his own! **

The mission of Reece's Rainbow is to rescue orphans with Down syndrome through the gift of adoption, to raise awareness for all the children who are waiting in 25 countries around the world, and to raise funds as adoption grants that help adoptive families afford the high cost of adopting these beautiful children. 

Reece's Rainbow was started in 2004 as an outreach program serving new families with babies with Down syndrome at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA.  In 2006, the program expanded to include promoting the international adoption of children with Down syndrome.  By raising money to offer adoption grants on waiting children, Reece's Rainbow is able to give adoptive families the extra financial help they need to bring a child with Down syndrome home from a miserable existence in overseas orphanages. 

Reece's Rainbow has a sponsorship program which provides a unique opportunity for anonymous donors to contribute to the adoption journey of families.  These children are viewed as outcasts with no ability to learn or be functional members of society.  They languish in mental institutions, hidden away from the world in shame. 

In only 5 years, Reece's Rainbow has found adoptive families for more than 500+ orphaned children with Down syndrome and other special needs around the world.  More than $1.5 million in grant funds have been disbursed to make those adoptions possible.  There are hundreds of families in the US and Canada who would give their left arm to bring one or more of these children home.  The money is the ONLY thing standing in their way. 

When I first started writing this post, I wasn't really sure how I was going to really get my point across about how great Reece's Rainbow is and how important it is to help these children, just like Sophia, find homes and find the love of a family that can take them away from their living hell that they endure each and every day in their country.  Yesterday, I came across THIS post from Patti, another blogging mom who also has a sweet little girl, Lily, who is also rocking a little something extra :)  Patti is a very strong advocate for Reece's Rainbow and after I read her post, my heart dropped down into my chest, and I knew that THIS post was what I needed YOU to read, in order for you to understand just how important even a mere $5 is to these children.  So PLEASE check out her blog and read her post from yesterday, and maybe you'll get inspired to help Artem or another child in desperate need of a family.   

If you would like to learn more about Reece's Rainbow, click HERE.  To find out about more ways to help, click HERE.  And if you have questions or would like to discuss adopting or donating, please contact Andrea Roberts, HERE. 

Even if you are not able to adopt a child at this time, you truly can change the course of a child's life by helping adoptive families afford the costs of international adoption!

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