Monday, October 17, 2011

Apples 2 Apples

Having a child with intellectual/developmental delays is usually a given that they will be behind their peers when it comes to learning certain things and mastering those almighty milestones.  From the beginning I've always been very much aware that Sophia would most likely develop the typical baby/toddler milestones later than what Jayden did for instance.  I'm also very much aware that Sophia will need more time, more patience and more one on one assistance when it comes to learning new things.  And I'm fine with that.  I will help her learn, at her own pace, and we will rejoice every time she masters something new.  I know that just because the two year old next to us is running and jumping and talking up a storm and doing puzzles, and Sophia isn't, I'm really okay with that.  Don't get me wrong, I've had my moments here and there, where I saw a child that was Sophia's age, or younger, (ouch) and they were doing WAY more than what Sophia was doing and I caught myself  thinking, "why can't Sophia do that! It's not fair!"  But then I remember all of the AWESOME things that Sophia IS doing and I think, "you know what, who cares if she isn't running or jumping or talking or doing puzzles, she is doing so many other amazing things," and I remember that with time she too will be doing all of those things.  When she is ready.  Then I get online and I read about other triumps that other kids Sophia's age are doing and I start to feel like maybe as a mother I am failing her, because even though I know that with Sophia's diagnosis she is more likely to be behind her peers, these triumps are about kids Sophia's age who also have the same diagnosis.  So if "Johnny" is running and jumping and talking and doing puzzles at two, and he has Down syndrome, then why can't Sophia?  Then again I remember, Sophia is Sophia, not "Johnny".  Sophia is her own person, who learns and grows and thrives on her own time.  Just like ALL kids, she does things when SHE is ready.  And just because Sophia has Down syndrome and "Johnny" does too, that doesn't mean that they will learn things at the same time, just like "typical" kids don't always learn things at the same time either.    

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