Thursday, October 20, 2011

Positive Experiences about Down syndrome

99% of people with Down syndrome said they were happy with their lives.
97% of people with Down syndrome liked who they are. 
99% of parents said they love their child with Down syndrome. 
97% of brothers and sisters, ages 9-11, said they love their sibling with Down syndrome.

For most parents, siblings, and people with Down syndrome, the experience of Down syndrome is a positive one.  Inaccurate, incomplete and occasionally offensive information about Down syndrome from healthcare providers can impact a mother's desicion greatly when it comes to having a baby with Down syndrome.  Prenatal decisions about Down syndrome present profound and deeply personal challenges to expectant parents.  But what expecting parents really need to know is the TRUTH, from REAL FAMILIES, that are living their lives with Down syndrome being a part of it.  And not just living their lives, but LOVING their lives and being THANKFUL each and every day that they have been so BLESSED to have someone so AMAZING come into their lives!

For more on the statistics at the top, check out these two articlesParents, Siblings, and People With Down Sydnrome Report Positive Experiences, and, Let's get real about Down syndrome 

**Tomorrow, family and friends share how Sophia has changed their lives and their outlook on Down syndrome......

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