Saturday, October 22, 2011

21 Reasons Why I Love Sophia...

Because Down syndrome is also referred to as Trisomy 21, I decided to give you 21 reason why I love my sweet little Sophia.

1.    I love the way she looks into my eyes and I swear sometimes that she is looking deep down into my soul with those baby blues.
2.    I love her strength, her courage and her determination.
3.    I love the way she wraps her arm around my neck when I am holding her, so we can be as close as  possible.
4.    I love the way she WANTS me, and the way she NEEDS me.
5.    I love the way she waddles around the house, like a little penguin.
6.    I love the way she loves people.
7.    I love how curious she is about her surroundings.
8.    I love her little feet and her teeny, tiny hands.
9.    I love how she is growing up into a little girl.
10.  I love how she knows EXACTLY what she wants.
11.  I love her beautiful, long, locks of heaven, also known as her hair.
12.  I love how she makes my heart melt every time I look into those big blue eyes.
13.  I love the way she signs, "please," anytime she wants anything, and she expects to get whatever it is she is wanting, because after all she did say PLEASE!
14.  I love the way that she looks up to her big sister and loves her unconditionally. 
15.  I love the way she has rocked my world.
16.  I love the way she fights, as if her life depended on it, and sometimes her life did depend on how hard she fought.
17.  I love how independent she wants to be.
18.  I love how much she still lets me love her.
19.  I love her infectious giggle.
20.  I love how she is who she is.
21.  I love how absolutely PERFECT she is!

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