Monday, November 8, 2010

We REALLY don't want to go there.......

Our baby is sick :( Sophia came down with possibly a stomach bug on Saturday night and it just isn't getting any better. She has been extremely fussy, uncomfortable and unconsolable every night so far and pretty whiny off and on during the day. We haven't been able to keep hardly anything in her, except on Sunday we kept down some Pedialyte, but it's been a total battle. Not only is she spitting up, but she's spitting up green stuff too, which could be an infection. We visited the doctor today and felt hopeful coming home, but things only got worse after we tried some diluted feedings. Right now we are holding the last straw and if Sophia spits up again, and it's green, we will be heading up to Indy to make and ER visit, and we REALLY don't want to go there! She's been extremely tired for most of the day, but when you don't sleep very well at night and you're not feeling well, I guess that is to be expected. So say a little prayer for her tonight, that this bug, or whatever it is, goes away and our baby starts eating and stops spitting up! We will keep you all posted!

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