Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Rising Star

Pre-practice warm ups :)
Dribbling skills

Bounce passing

"Keep your eyes on the ball!"

Look at that arch! It may not be a jump shot, but a tip toe shot worked just as good. The basket was GOOD :)

Waiting patiently, and happily, in line.

Jayden's BIGGEST cheerleader

Post-practice pep talk. We'll be back next Saturday!
Today was Jayden's first basketball practice and she did awesome! I knew that she had some skills with the basketball and she showed them off today. The group of preschool girls were divided into two groups, and then divided again to practice dribbling, passing and shooting the ball. I was pretty surprised at how well a lot of the little girls did. A few little girls were obviously hard core players because they came in with their head bands on and carrying in their basketball shoes to change into once they got on the court :) Then there were those other little girls who wondered around aimlessly at times. It was definitely hilarious to see these tiny people playing basketball. We are all excited to go back next week! They will continue practicing for 5 more weeks before they start scrimmaging the last 4 weeks. GO JAYDEN!

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