Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 hours of our life........

having fun before what SHOULD HAVE BEEN nap time!
she's going to break her neck, I know. But we really need to get her into gymnastics or something because she is always jumping, climbing, swinging, hanging,.......

Sophia was coming after the camera!

I knew I shouldn't have opened the door last night, but I just can't let someone knock on my door and not open it, very bad habit. So I got suckered into having someone come over to our house tonight and check out the energy efficency of our home and it lasted THREE HOURS! The guy was super nice and gave us a lot of good ideas to help cut our energy bills, but he also handed us an estimate for $5,500 and expected us to jump right on board tonight. Of course we said it all sounded great and we'd talk it over and get back with him, but now they have my phone number and probably high hopes for us to come through, especially since this guy and Randy became BFF's during his visit :) Oh what have I done??? Why can't I be like Randy and when someone knocks on the door I just run and hide?

On a brighter note, Sophia made it through the whole night last night with NO spit ups! I talked with the doctor on Monday and she suggested slowing down the rate and decreasing the volume that I'm giving her overnight and see how she does and it worked! I'm going back up, slowly, and so we'll see how it goes tonight. She hasn't spit up once during the day for a week now, but the overnight feeds have been horrible! I hate to even talk about all this too much in fear I may jinx the whole thing and she'll start spitting up like crazy again, so I'm done talking about it.

We ordered an Indian costume for Jayden last night, super cheap, because next week the kids are supposed to dress up either as Pilgrims or Indians for a Thanksgiving feast at school. It should be a lot of fun :)

I am offically ready for Thanksgiving to be here and over with because I can't even wait to get our Christmas stuff out!!!! I bought wrapping supplies today, paper, ribbon and bows hoping that it would get me excited to start wrapping up presents and I am so exciting to get stuff back out and go at it! Randy is putting our lights up outside this year and getting the tree and our christmas village out can't happen soon enough. I know Jayden is going to love decorating this year and Sophia will have a blast trying to tear it all down, and I'm almost positive about that. I am ready for the HOLIDAYS!

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