Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Facelift

First Niles isn't looking......
THEN Sophia isn't looking! :)



We went up to Indy yesterday for a follow up hearing exam, which came back fine, and decided to visit some of our favorite people. I LOVE getting together with family. It kind of makes me wish that we all just lived right around the corner from one another. But since that isn't the case, we always try to make the moments together count. Jayden had a blast with her cousins and it was great getting to visit with my mom, sister-in-law and brother. Which is how I came across the "facelift" that I've applied to our blog. The new background and the new buttons. Let me just say my sister-in-law is a genius! :)

This next week will have a few special days waiting for us, and I for one am so excited! Jayden starts a food drive program at school this week for a local after school organization and I think that is wonderful. I figure we can make a special trip to the store together and pick out some stuff to take in to school. Jayden is also getting her very first SCHOOL PICTURES taken on Tuesday. I have a picture in my head of how they are going to turn out and it that image proves to be true, don't be expecting any school pictures :) Jayden can be very.........goofy sometimes :) We are also going on a field trip with some other kiddos on Friday to the new Terre Haute Children's Museum, and I am super excited about that! I've heard a lot of great things about it and have been waiting for the right time to take Jayden and I guess that time is Friday. Also, next Saturday will be the first day of Jayden's basketball experience. I'm very curious to see how she does with it! We seem to be free of doctors offices until the end of the month, when Sophia returns for her second synagis shot of the season. Sophia got her flu shot today and Jayden got the nasal mist, but you'd think Jayden got double shots the way she was acting about it :) Jayden has hardly EVER been to the doctor, except for routine check ups and she is so used to seeing Sophia get everything done to her, that even the thought of having ANYTHING done to HER seems just absolutely crazy! But they are done, and hopefully we'll have another uneventful winter.

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