Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Raising Awareness and Social Media

In a society where women are still terminating their pregnancies solely based on a Down syndrome diagnosis and some medical professionals are giving parents false information on what their child's life will look like with Down syndrome....I think that any positive awareness put out in the media about Down syndrome is awesome!  I want people to see stories like the ones listed below, and understand that life, with Down syndrome, is worth living.

Just a few of my favorite stories about individuals with Down syndrome making a difference: 

1. Teddy Kramer, Cincinnati Reds Batboy and his own Baseball Card

2.  British artist, Tazia Fawley, paints a gift for Prince George

3.  Middle school student, Owen Groesser, makes 3 pointers

4.  Katy Perry's Roar Contest Finalist

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