Thursday, October 10, 2013


Every year we set our fundraising goal a little higher.  And so far, every year we've reached our goal because of so many generous people that help us get there!  This year was no different.  We raised our goal just a bit from last year and we exceeded that goal with flying colors!  And, we still have 2 days left until the Buddy Walk!!!! 

Fundraising is very hard for me.  I hate asking people for stuff, especially money.  I don't have rich family and friends that can just donate hundreds of dollars every year just because it means a lot to our family.  And I don't have hundreds of dollars to donate either.  But every year we pull it together, someway, somehow, and we meet our goal.  We have people who have donated to our team since the first time we ever asked.  We have businesses who have generously donated since 2010 when we first branched out a little and started asking for help around our community.  We have people who have donated once, and because of them, we reached our goal that year.  We have people who donate a little and those who donate a lot.  It all helps and we are very appreciative of each and every donation that comes our way! 

This year we decided to try and sell our team t-shirt to anybody who wanted to show their support for Sophia, and it turned out really well!  We had 62 people buy a shirt, and in turn a portion of that money will go right to Sophia's fundraising efforts!  And not only that, but everyone can sport their shirt all year long to show support for Sophia and possibly bring awareness about the Buddy Walk. 

I'm a little nervous about next years fundraising I have to admit.  We had a couple really successful yard sales this year, that amazed us tremendously with how much money we raised!  I'm not sure we can pull that off again next year :)  So my mind is already turning with fundraising ideas that are simple and easy and can bring in a nice amount of money for our team.  All suggestions are welcome!!! :)

Again, I just want to say THANK YOU! to everyone who donated, who bought a shirt and who support Sophia!  We are so very thankful!  We could never do any of this without you! 

If you are interested in donating to Down Syndrome Indiana, in Sophia's name, you still have time!  Just click HERE and you can make a fast donation!  Our team appreciates it and so do all the individuals with Down syndrome and their families who benefit from these fundraising efforts every year. 

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