Saturday, October 5, 2013

21 things about Sophia: the first 10

Sophia is a 4 year old little girl first.  Sophia also has Down syndrome.  But there is so much more to her than that diagnosis.....
1.  Sophia is beautiful. Both on the inside as well as the outside.  There is something so different about her, that when I look at her, I feel like I'm looking into the face of an angel (even when she's not acting like an angel. :)  She has a true heart of gold.  She has compassion for others. She wants to love everyone.  She has no judgment.  She is accepting.  She is, beautiful.
2.  Sophia is smart.  She may not have hundreds of words in her vocabulary.  She may not know how to count to 20 or sing her ABC's.  She may not understand that there are days in a week and months in a year.  She may not know how to write her name or draw a perfect circle, but girl is smart!  She is a problem solver.  If you put up an obstacle to stop her, she will find a way to break through it.  She understands so much of what is spoken to her.  Just because it's harder for her to express her thoughts and feelings back to you, do not let that fool you.  She knows, she's aware, she hears what you are saying and she comprehends most of it.  She is, smart.
3.  Sophia is carefree.  She's a go with the flow kind of girl.  She's up for anything fun and exciting.  She loves to run and play and do her own thing.  She likes to be in charge of her own life and she rarely wastes a moments time sitting back enjoying the view.  She wants to be right in the center of what everyone is looking at.  She is who she is, and she isn't afraid to be that awesome little girl, ever. 
4.  Sophia is determined.  She has a determination, stubbornness, that is a big part of who she is.  Of course this can be a good thing and a not so good thing.  Right now in this toddler phase that we are going through, it is usually used for no good.  Sophia always has her own agenda in mind and when someone else tries to execute their agenda, she isn't always down for that.  She can usually be manipulated to put her agenda on the back burner with a nice incentive but once she realizes she got doupted, she gets right back in her fast lane going back to where she wanted to be.  I pray that she starts to use her powers for good and not evil as she grows :)  
5.  Sophia is a lover.  She will approach anyone, anywhere, anytime, just to say hi or give a little arm brush or snuggle up close for a cuddle.  She is however most attracted to babies and older people, but when she sees a good soul she knows it. She can give some of the biggest bear hugs, some of the softest kisses and her smile and laugh, well there just isn't anything like them.  They are contagious and will take any bad day away and make it almost damn near perfect. 
6.  Sophia is a kid.  She loves to run and jump and play.  She loves to be around people, especially kids.  She likes to swim and ride her bike.  She likes to swing and play on the play ground.  She likes to be included and to feel wanted.  She is loud and inappropriate at times.  She is hardheaded and strong willed.  She tests her boundaries daily.  She's just a kid.  Just like your kid.

7.  Sophia LOVES Barney the big purple dinosaur!  I'm not even sure how this came about, but it is pretty much the only thing that grabs her attention enough to get her to sit down and chill out for any significant period of time.  And because of that, WE LOVE Barney too!!!! :)

8.  Sophia is a salty girl.  You can take your chocolaty sweets and go somewhere else with them, because Sophia is all about the SALT!  Some of her favorite snacks are goldfish, pretzels, almost any kind of chips (but she had taken a big liking to BBQ Pringles lately) and popcorn, just to name a few.  But there is one snack that Sophia loves that lacks the salt factor and that's ICE CREAM!  Girl loves her some ice cream :)

9.  Sophia is a shoe girl.  Again, not sure how this came about either, but I'm pretty sure when she grows up, she'll have a closet FULL of shoes!  She loves to wear other peoples shoes and doesn't care how big they are for her own tiny feet.  And as far as I know, she doesn't discriminate against shoes.  Flats, boots, sandals, tennis long as they go on her feet, she's happy :)   (Too bad her mom is such a cheap a$$, she doesn't have the best shoe collection that I'm sure she would prefer :)      

10.  Sophia is bossy.  For a little girl with few words, Sophia sure can get a point across and let you know she means business!  When she gets to wagging her little finger or motioning you to come on, and then start jabbering away, or yelling, at you, that means she is serious! 


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