Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The scary pumpkin head person....and the little witch :)


Because of the weather, we decided to go Trick or Treating last night.  We had so much fun!!!  Of course Randy and I were busy chasing Flash, I mean Sophia, all over the neighborhood.  She just can't contain her excitement sometimes :)  There were so many people and so much to do, she didn't know where to start!  But it was the cutest thing watching her sprint across the yards, right up to the door, give a little knock, then step back and wait :)  And as soon as she got her candy, she was off, looking for the next porch light.  Her greatest treat came at the last house we went to though....a bag of cool ranch Doritos.  Bless that man!  He made one little girls Halloween night, just perfect :)

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