Tuesday, April 12, 2011

T-Ball: First Game of the Season

We signed Jayden up for T-ball a while ago and tonight was her first game.  T-ball consists of 3 and 4 year olds and Jayden's team is IBEW, Randy's local union hall.  They've had practice for the past few weeks and did pretty well for their first game.  Each team gets to bat twice and field twice in a game, letting everyone on the team bat and run the bases.  Jayden really seems to enjoy playing and I'm glad to see her taking an interest in sports.  Whether or not she'll want to play again, just like basketball, it's something she can call her own and keep her moving and burning off ALL THAT ENERGY that she has plenty of! 
Randy, the assistant coach, covering 2nd base

Number 2, Jayden, running to 2nd

Good Job Jayden!

Waiting to run to third


What a cute little t-ball player :)

Keeping a close eye on the game.  (She put her hat on backwards all on her own?)

Getting ready to field

Team IBEW in the field

Coming back in to bat

Getting ready to bat, with a little sun in the eyes.



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  1. She looks like she's having a ball! And the backwards hat-thing...so cute! Such gorgeous girls you have, Dixie!