Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Addition

We decided to get the girls a fish tank.  So Saturday we went to the pet store and got all the stuff we needed and came home to get everything set up before going back to get our fish.  Easy enough, right?  Well it took Randy about 6 hours to get everything put together and to get the water just right.  Nice way to spend his first day off in two weeks :)  So we thought we had it all ready and Jayden couldn't wait to get her fish, so Randy and Jayden headed back down to the pet store before they closed to pick up a couple fish.  They came back with an orange fish, Nemo Goldie, (Jayden's fish) and a black and white fish, Dora (Sophia's fish.)  It was all pretty cool and we were all excited.  THEN, about 4am when I was up checking on Sophia, I popped my head in on the fish to see how they were doing and wouldn't you know it, not even 12 hours later, Nemo Goldie was at the bottom of the tank, dead :(  We had to break the bad news to Jayden first thing Easter morning, but fortunately she took it pretty well.  We left for the day and Jayden was eager to return home to see how Dora was and Randy and I were just hoping that she was still alive, and unfortunately she had passed away too!  Two fish, dead in a 24 hour period.  This time we had one crushed little 4 year old.  But today, we returmed to the pet store and got us two new fish and here's hoping for the best! 
SpongeBob SquarePants Fish Tank

Another shot at fish ownership.
This is Sophia's fish, named by Jayden.
"Iron Man Tony Stark"

Jayden's fish, that little orange/white thing to the right of Squidwards house
"Spiderman Peter Parker"

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