Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coloring Eggs

A little late, but last Saturday we colored Easter eggs.  We started out with about 15 eggs and after I had my hands on them, we ended up with about 10.  Of course Jayden had fun coloring the eggs, the whole 10 minutes it took, which makes me wonder every year, what exactly are you supposed to do with the eggs after you color them?  I mean it's fun doing it, I guess, but then what?  We don't hide them and they start to stink after a bit, so what exactly are you supposed to do with these eggs?
Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics!
getting ready to start coloring eggs

blue, daddy's favorite :)

"pretty cool!"

being very careful, unlike her mama :)

"check this one out."

i decided against letting sophia get in on this activity, she would have ended up being the egg and dumping dye all over herself.  not a chance i was willing to take that day.  so she observed :)

that's the best I could get from Sophia at that time

"Where did Sophia go???"

there she is!!!!

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