Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Story Time at Preschool

Tonight was the first night that Jayden got to meet her teachers, Ms. Angie and Ms. Stacy, during a 1/2 hour story time at the school before actually starting her first day of preschool next Tuesday. She was excited to go to the school tonight and couldn't wait to meet her teachers, who we have been talking about since last week when I found out who they were. We walked into the preschool together and went to her classroom and met Ms. Stacy. Jayden said hi and after a few minutes Ms. Stacy took Jayden's hand and walked her over to the other kids who were playing, to introduce her, and that was it, no turning back. I stayed outside the door for a few moments to see if she was going to turn around and need me, but she didn't. I went into another room with all the other parents and waited for her to get done. About 30 minutes later, in a single file line, her class came to the room and she ran up to me with a cut out of a hand with a small red heart in the center and she said that when I get sad because she is away at school I can hold the heart up to my cheek to feel better :) She wanted to stay and can't wait to go back. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. I have a feeling when I take her back next week, she is going to walk in to her room and push me right back out. She doesn't even need me anymore :) I'm so proud of her and of the big girl that she is becoming! Next week I will have pictures of her first day of school!

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