Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jayden's 4th Birthday Party

We thought that we were going to get rained out today, but the weather was nice to us and we ended up having a great day for a birthday party! Jayden couldn't wait for her friends to get here today and by the time they all showed up, it was well worth the wait, she had a blast! The kids ate pizza, bounced in the bounce house, colored a giant puzzle, went swimming and water sliding, went slip n sliding, ate cake and ice cream and played, played, played till their mommy's and daddy's took them home :) Jayden had a fabulous time, with amazing friends and family and got a lot of cool stuff. Tonight after everyone left and we were all cleaned up and relaxing in bed watching a movie that she got for her birthday, I told her how she was actually still 3, until tomorrow, and she got a little bummed out for minute, but then I told her how we were going to Toys R Us for her birthday tomorrow and all of that 3 year old stuff was out the window and she didn't care how old she was, as long as she was going to Toys R Us!

I can't believe that Jayden is about to turn 4 and starting preschool in about 2 weeks. A lot has changed over the past year and Jayden has really stepped up and made us proud. She is an amazing little girl that we are so happy and proud to call our daughter. She is truly something special and we love her so very much! Happy Birthday baby girl!

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