Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bye, Bye Curls

Jayden had her first hair cut yesterday and to my surprise she did fabulous! She was such a big girl about it ever since we made the appointment, but I just knew as soon as we went to get it done, all hell would break loose, but it didn't. She walked into the hair salon like a big girl and sat down and waited for her name to be called. She decided she would like to sit in the airplane chair, instead of the regular black one, and that was fine. She didn't want her hair washed and that was no big deal. Then she started to get a little scared and a small tear slid down her cheek :( but the hair dresser was awesome and was so kind to her and in no time she was talking everyone's ear off and just having a good ole time getting her hair cut! I'm definitely glad that we got our first hair cut over with, but I'm a little sad that she doesn't have her curls anymore :( We did save them and have them in an envelope to open up in 20 years from now and think, "how disgusting!" :) It was a good day and a good experience. I don't know why I ever thought it would be any different.

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