Friday, September 9, 2011

Phone Dump

I was looking at my phone and noticed that I had a lot of pictures on there that I had done nothing here they are, dumping all my phone pics into a post :)  ENJOY!
Sophia still thinks she needs to climb into everything, and oddly enough, she usually fits in just about everything!  My tiny peanut :)
On a hike at McCormicks Creek this summer. 
Sophia :)
At the Terre Haute Children's Museum.  Sophia LOVES to play secretary!  Don't mess with this girls keyboard or her phone!
Water play at the museum.  Her second favorite thing there besides the computer/phone :)
At the Children's Museum
At the park, in a tunnel, being silly :)
At the Down Syndrome Indiana Fly In.  Check out her awesome tattoo on her arm!
At Bogeys.  Randy's union had their family picnic there and these two went racing.
McDonalds.  Where else?
NOT eating :)
At the Indianapolis Indians game last weekend
Just to clarify, yes we all look like H*LL!  We went to the ribfest earlier that day, in 100 degree temps and then went to the baseball game that evening!  We were hot, sick, tired and looked like crap, but in the end we all had fun :)
At the game.
She's a fan!

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  1. oh my goodness, that second to last photo- TOO CUTE!!