Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dave the Dog

FINALLY, the day Jayden has been waiting for.....she was line leader at school, which means she got to bring Dave home!!!!!!  Jayden's teacher has 4 different animals to choose from and when you are line leader for the day.  You get to pick an animal to bring home with you for the day and night and then record what you did with your pet in a "Critter Book" and return the pet back to the classroom the next day.  Well not only was today Jayden's day, but it's Thursday as well, which means Jayden gets to keep Dave ALL weekend!!!!!  She was SO EXCITED when I went to pick her up from school today and could hardly contain herself until she got in the car.  She has literally kept Dave close by all day and he is currently snuggled up in bed with her.  She is a total pet lover, but even more so, a complete dog lover!  All day it's been "Dave this..." and "Dave that..." and lets just say that Randy is already about to kick old Dave to the curb.  (that's our Randy for ya!)  But other than Randy, we are excited to have Dave with us this weekend and he is in for some crazy fun :) 

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