Sunday, August 21, 2011


One of the things that I dream of for my girls is that they will forever be best friends.  I want them to love each other unconditionally, forever.  I want them to stand up for each other and protect each other, forever.  I want them to be each other's cheerleader, forever.  I want them to know that when this world is mean and cruel and hurtful, they will forever have their sister.

Tonight when the girls were taking a bath together, Sophia just kept giving Jayden hugs and kisses, nonstop.  It was the cutest thing, and definitely made me smile.  Besides me, Jayden is the next best thing in Sophia's world, and sometimes Jayden even gives me a run for my money in that department (sorry Randy.)  And seeing them hugging on one another and neither one of them able to get enough hugs from the other tonight, touched my heart so deeply.  Of course Sophia almost always wants to be around Jayden, doing what she's doing, but their are more times than not when Jayden just isn't up for having her little sister tag around in her big 4 year old world, which will be a big 5 year old world tomorrow!  So when I see Jayden genuinely loving on Sophia or helping her to do something or keeping a watchful eye on her little sister when some other kid is trying to be a big bully, it makes my heart fill up with such joy and happiness and I always think in moments like those, "everything really is going to be ok."   

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