Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Sophia?

Check her out looking so big in her booster seat!  Bye, bye highchair? (By the way, don't let the plate of food fool you, it mostly just sat there on the table, hardly getting any attention :)

Is Sophia still a baby?  To me, yes and no.  I mean Sophia is 26 months old, of course she's not a "baby," but it's so hard for me to see her as the big girl that she is growing into more and more every day.  I still have to do so much for Sophia and there are still some of those milestones that transition you from "baby" to "toddler" that Sophia hasn't quite met yet, but more and more lately I find myself thinking "who is this baby girl acting so grown up?"  Like when we go to the doctor and she patiently waits while the doctor examines her.  Or when she climbs up into her Ariel chair and just sits there with her little feet crossed, "reading" a book.   Or when I ask her to get something for me, or to help me pick up toys and she does exactly what I asked her to do.  And watching her take independent steps, short but sweet steps, ALL BY HERSELF, from point A to point B.  Or the way she holds her crayon just right so that she can color with Jayden and me.  And the way she needs her silverware to "eat" and she knows exactly how to hold it and use it, even though she refuses to use it more efficently :)  I really could go on and on, but the point is, my baby girl is not just a baby anymore, but she is growing up into a little girl!     

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