Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 Things About Sophia

1.  Sophia likes wrestling....yes, WWE wrestling.  Her favorite wrestler is, John Cena.  She even has his "you can't see me" hand move down, and does it every time Monday Night RAW comes on.

2.  Sophia is a BIG sister and a little sister.  She has the annoying little sister and the bossy big sister roles down perfectly.

3.  Sophia is a cuddler.  She loves to be held and snuggled with, and at five years old, she still fits perfectly in my arms :)

4.  Sophia's favorite foods are: pizza, ice cream, goldfish crackers, chips, and popcorn.

5.  Sophia's favorite shows/movies are: BARNEY! BARNEY! BARNEY!  More recently though she has expanded her viewing pleasures to movies like; Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Rodrick Rules and Dog Days), Despicable Me 2, Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer, Toy Story 3, and Frozen.

6.  Sophia's favorite outdoor activities are: riding her bike or scooter, taking our dog for walks, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, swimming, and playing anything that involves a ball.  Sophia also plays t-ball in the spring through a Buddy program and she LOVES it!  We can't wait for Spring!!!

7.  Sophia knows a lot of signs and uses those to communicate.  She also uses a lot of gesturing to get her point across as well.  We are currently trying out a communication device, called a Vantage Lite, to help her communicate on a bigger scale.  Within the past year though, Sophia's verbal communication has exploded. She is saying so many new words daily!  Some of it is still hard to understand by people who aren't around her all the time, but she is definitely making great progress!  Her newest phrase, which you can understand very clearly is; "bad baby!"  (Adalyn is starting to give Sophia a taste of her own medicine!)

8.  Whenever Sophia gets a hold of anyone's iPhone, the first thing she goes to are the pictures!  She loves looking at pictures, and always knows exactly where to go to find them!  Then after she's looked at the pictures, she starts trying to make phone calls......"Hello, China?"

9.  Sophia is a very forgiving little girl, but she doesn't easily forget.  Which makes going to the doctor, or hospital, VERY, VERY hard sometimes :(

10. Sophia has a laugh , a smile, and even an up-to-no-good, naughty grin that will make your face light up and your heart fill over with love every single time.  Which makes it really hard to get mad, or stay mad, at her :)

11. Sophia is a trickster.  She loves making you think one thing, but doing another.  One of her favorite tricks to pull is offering someone food, then snatching it away right when you try to grab it.  She gets a kick out of doing this.....every time!

12.  When Sophia "pretend" laughs, she puts her open hand over the front of her mouth and shakes her head up and down.....like "it's" the funniest thing ever.

13. Sophia loves to play hide and seek.  She is the worst at hiding.  She doesn't have the attention span to stay hidden, or quiet, but she is a great seeker!

14. Sophia can tell you off without even speaking an actual word.  She gets her finger wagging, and her jabber going, and her head shaking back and forth....and you just know she means business.  Her Daddy and our Shelby Dog get this the most :)

15. Sophia loves shoes!  If she finds a pair without feet in them, she will put her feet in them, and off she goes!

16. Sophia loves wearing Jayden's clothes.....no matter how big they are on her.  She also loves wearing her cousins clothes when we go to visit them.  She will put everything from HIS shirt, pants, shoes, and his underwear on!

17. Sophia loves to do gymnastics, even though she has never actually taken gymnastics.  She has her somersault, and her cartwheel down to perfection......well almost perfection :)

18. Sophia loves to rub, and scratch, other people's skin, but HATES when someone tries to rub her arm or back.

19. Sophia attends all day kindergarten, and even though it can be a really LONG day for her, sometimes accompanied by numerous time outs,  she loves school!!  Every morning she'll ask, and sign, "school?"  And when I confirm, "yes!" she gets the biggest smile on her face :)

20. Sophia loves to go places, especially with Mommy.  It's almost impossible for me to tell her she can't go with me somewhere, because she knows when I'm about to leave, and she will follow me around, with a sad puppy dog face, saying over and over, "I go?"  Usually I confirm with a "yes, you can go." and she gets SO happy and excited.  But occasionally I have to say, "no, not this time" and you would think her little world just ended right then and there :(

21. And finally #21.....Sophia is a five year old little girl.  She loves to play and be around people.  She is curious and loves to explore her surroundings.  She loves with her whole heart, never judging those around her.  Her life is full of happiness, silliness, and laughter most days, but she definitely has her share of  sad, bad, and mad days too.  She's a child.  She's a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a granddaughter, a student, and a growing little girl......who wants all the things we all do.

Oh yeah, and Sophia has an extra 21st chromosome, also known as Down syndrome.

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