Thursday, May 9, 2013

Softball Star

Due to a rain out on Monday night, last night was Jayden's first offical game as a softball player.  Seeing as how the girls only had one practice as a team before their first game, they all did very well, but definitely have lots of room for improvement, but so much potential :) 
The rules this year are a little different than what we are use to, with t-ball being the only other thing she has played.  Each batter gets 5 pitches or 3 swings before they are considered out.  3 outs and the team changes from offense to defense.  There is a maximum of 7 runs per inning, then you change again.  Games are 60 minutes and no new inning will start once the time has expired.  Instead of stopping after one base, you run until the ball is back in the pitchers circle or you are tagged out.  The score is kept, but the focus is more on skill development, rather than winners and losers.  Even though it is coach pitch, each team has a "pitcher", as well as a catcher this year. 
Jayden played centerfield, first base and shortstop last night.  She also had a hit and scored for her team.  I am so excited to see her improve this season and really become comfortable with the game and how it is suppose to be played.   
Jayden before the game :)  (when we showed up the other team we were playing had hot pink shirts....I'm sure Jayden would have quit right on the spot if she had to wear a hot pink shirt! LOL :)
Number 1...that's my girl :)

On second base  (seriously, can you imagine Jayden having to wear one of those shirts! :)

Coming to third



Playing first base

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