Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Helping Paw

It literally takes a village to raise children.  No matter how much of a super mom or dad you are, no one can do it all, alone. 

I met another mom a few months ago, who has a son in Sophia's preschool class.  We met at a chili fundraiser a while back, that she was having for her older son, Levi.  After that we became friends on facebook and enjoy sharing cute moments between our youngest kiddos.  I learned more and more about this fundraiser that she was doing for her son and am so happy that my family can help in their efforts to raise money. 

Let me just say, I hate to fundraise.  I've been doing it, very low key, for the past 4 years to help raise money for our Buddy Walk Team, Sophia's Stars, which goes to Down Syndrome Indiana to help fund programs and services that help individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.  I just hate asking people for money.  No one seems to have a lot of it.  Businesses are being bombarded by people and groups every year asking for help, and it's hard to get people to really commit.  But when it comes to something this important, you have to ask for help, because again, one family just can't do it alone. 

Levi's mom has put together several fundraising events to help her son get a dog.  Except this dog, isn't just your average household pet, it's a way to give her growing son more freedom and independance.  It's a way to keep him safe, keep him alive. 

Through an orgainization called 4 Paws for Ability, this family can get a trained service dog that will help comfort their son during melt downs, interrupt inappropriate repetitive or self-injurious behaviors, and provide comfort and companionship. Levi's service dog will also be trained in tracking should Levi wander off, and the service dog will be able to help find him quickly. Which could mean the difference between life or death for Levi who loves water but can not swim and who has no sense of danger.

The thing is, these dogs aren't a couple hundred dollars, it takes $22,000 from start to finish to get a dog like this!  Luckily this family only has to come up with $13,000, and not the $22,000.  But still, $13,000!!!!  That's why this family is asking for help, from anyone who is willing to give even just $5.  They can't do this alone.  So many people have rallied behind them and donated, but they aren't quite to their goal yet.  Please take a moment to visit Levi's fundraising page.  Read a little more about his story.  And think about donating, anything that you can.  I think about my own kids and know that if this was me, needing something so life changing for one of my girls....I would want all the support I could get too! 

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  1. this is so true this dog will change his world. Levi is a awesome young man that needs a partner to hang out with.i hope my sister reaches her goal it would make a life change for my ya levi