Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The R word

March 7th is Spread the Word to End the Word.  This is me, telling you, that the word RETARD or RETARDED is hurtful and disrespectful.  When I hear someone use those words, or when I see someone write those words, I feel like that person just punched me in the stomach as hard as they could.  I literally get sick to my stomach and my heart skips a beat, or two.  I understand that some people just don't get it.  I didn't, but now I do.  My daughter has Down syndrome, and she is developmentally delayed and is a little slower paced when it comes to learning than her typical peers, BUT, she is NOT stupid or dumb!  And the truth is, when you call someone or something RETARDED, you're saying that they, or it, is stupid or dumb.  The word RETARD(ED) doesn't mean stupid and it doesn't mean dumb, but this once medical term is now slang for both of those words, and that hurts me and one day it will hurt my daughter too.  Start today, to make a conscious effort to stop using the "R" word.  And if you don't use that word, then start today to, Spread the Word to End the Word.
Click on HERE to learn more about how you can pledge to support the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign.

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