Thursday, March 8, 2012

Build a Bear AND a Cat

The girls each got a gift card to Buid a Bear for Christmas from some of their good friends, and since our lunch date plans had to be rescheduled and we still had plans to go to Indy to see the girls' favorite cousins, we decided to put those gift cards to use.  Jayden's been to Build a Bear a few times, but obviously didn't remember any of those times, and this was a first for Sophia.  Jayden picked out the camo bear, who obviously screamed, BOY!  And Sophia fell in love with the kitty cat as soon as I placed it in her arms.  The girls helped stuff their animals with lots of love and then gave them a bath before getting them accesorized.  (I was by myself and Sophia was being quite the handful, so this was the only picture I got to take of the "building" process.) 
Anyway, we headed off to style our furry friends and this is what Jayden decided on, all. on. her. own..... 


Yes, it is Harley, Camo Bear....

with his motorcycle.

I refused to buy the motorcycle, because the cost of her bear was already outrageous, but then we remembered that she had some money of her own, from her very generous grandparents and great-grandparents a few weeks ago when she scored a goal at her soccer game.  So she decided this motorcycle was worth it and spent every last penny she had to buy it.  Let's just say, her grandpa is probably very proud right now :)  

So once Jayden was happy with her choice in attire, we moved on to find something for Sophia's cat, but every time I tried something on the cat and tried to give it to Sophia to see if she liked it, she pushed the cat away and acted very annoyed.  But when I handed her the cat, simply in it's own fur, she loved on it like it was her new best friend.  So I took that as a sign, and a way to save some money, and we got the heck out of that money sucking store, ASAP!  So we left with two happy little girls and two new friends, Hunter the Bear and Kitty the Cat. 

(for some reason I look at this cat and it reminds me of the Cat in the Hat?)

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