Saturday, January 28, 2012


We've been trying lots of new things this week.  For starters, we tried transitioning Sophia from her baby crib, into her toddler bed, but that didn't work like we hoped it would :)  She LOVED her new bed.  Sophia is a very independent little girl, and the fact that she could get in and out of her own bed, was awesome.  Right after Randy changed her crib into a toddler bed, she was in and out of it getting books off her shelf and taking them back to her bed to read :)  We were excited about it, until about 11:30 PM that night.  We were about to head to bed, when we hear a "THUD."  Instantly I knew she had fallen out of her bed, and when I got into her room, there she was sitting up, half asleep, on the floor :(  So we rigged up a temporary solution for the night and things were fine.  Until two mornings later...  We didn't have time to switch it back to a crib yet, and Friday morning when Jayden and I were in my bed watching TV, we hear another "THUD" and I knew once again she had fallen OVER the baby gate this time that was up to block the hole she had fallen out of two nights earlier.  She came out unharmed from both falls, but needless to say the baby crib is back and we'll just wait a little longer in trying to make our baby grow up too fast!

This week was also Jayden's first time as a soccer player!  She is doing the Upward Soccer program at a local church in town and we are all excited about it.  It's something completely new, for all of us, and something to keep Jayden busy a few nights a week.  She practices weekly, on Thursday evenings, and then has her games on Friday evenings at 7 PM.  She got hooked up with a cool uniform, some shin guards and her own water bottle :)  She's going to be one cool soccer chick :)  Pictures to come soon!

Another big accomplishment this week was another hard core, successful, feeding experiment with Sophia's oral feeds.  We did another 2 day feeding trial with Sophia and even though it was long and rough and exhausting, it was worth it!  I am getting her to expand a little on her list of foods that she will successfully eat and we are slowly getting more fluids in, which is HUGE!  We are going to stick with this, weekly, and work our butts off until we figure out just what it's going to take to get this little girl of mine to eat my mouth, 100%!!!  Every time I think about how far we have come in our feeding journey with Sophia, it just makes me want to cry.  I remember in the beginning how she could only take 1 ML of formula, by her feeding tube, and it took her an hour to take it!  In case that doesn't make sense, 30 ML's = 1 ounce, and my baby could only take 1 ML per hour!  Then we faced severe reflux issues, LONG and SLOW feedings that took almost all of our day, and no oral in take of ANYTHING.  Inch by inch we have come SO FAR!!!  I am so proud of her :)  I don't know when, but one day feeding tubes will be a thing of the past for us, I just know it! 

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