Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow suits and Snow boots....Part Two

The last two days we have spent some time outside playing in the snow.  Friday we went sledding with some friends and Saturday we played in our yard.  It was really cold both days, but the girls had so much fun and barely noticed the temperature.
taking a ride on the sled at home

she wasn't crying, but her nose and eyes wouldn't stop running! BRRRR! it was cold and windy Friday!

Friday at Deming Park, we were sledding with friends :)

yes we duct taped her gloves on to make sure they didn't fall off or that Sophia didn't pull them off!

"I LOVE SNOW!! And being outside!"

Jayden was showing Sophia that you can eat the snow.  That's both of their favorite things about the snow now :) 

Eating the snow :)

getting ready for the snow ramp

Yep that's the ramp.  Pretty pathetic, but Randy did the best with what we were given.  Next snow, it will be bigger and better!  The girls liked it anyway...

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