Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coolin' off from the HEAT

We decided to brave the heat today, with a little slip n slide fun!  Jayden actually did a lot better on the slip n slide than last year, and pretty much slid herself all the way to the end like a pro.  I on the other hand, remembered my encounters with the slip n slide last year and this time around I gently glidded onto the slide and moved about 2 feet, but I was okay with that.  And Sophia, being her first time with the slip n slide, kept herself in a safe spot at the end of the slip n slide for most of the outdoor fun.  The girls had fun, and so did I, and we all kept thinking of poor Daddy who we knew was hard at work, sweating to death :(  Don't worry Randy, the slip n slide is still up if you decide you want to cool off when you get home!   
Sophia's "safe spot" :)

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